Today, there is such a strong emphasis on having perfect eyebrows. They must be thick without being too thick, arched without being overly arched, and so on. The final say on what eyebrow shapes and products you prefer rests entirely with you. However, many brow gels, powders, pomades, and waxes are available that come in different hues and tones. Sometimes it's challenging to know where to start.

While no one but you can ultimately decide how your brows should look, an Eyebrow salon near me can help you navigate those options with a few skilled brow specialists. All you need to do is pay close attention to a few of your physical characteristics and be willing to make a few mistakes. Choosing the ideal brow color for you can be done as shown here.

Check Out Your Skin Tone And Hair Color

Although thick, eye salons near me have become increasingly popular in recent years, New York City brow expert Azi Sicilia insists that there is no such thing as a universal eyebrow shape or color. Delina Medhin, a makeup artist in New York City, concurs that "brows are so personal." Having said that, it's crucial to consider your skin tone and hair color when choosing your brow makeup.

Medhin considers her customers' skin and hair colors before deciding on an eyebrow color for them. Tommy, a New York City-based colleague, and makeup artist agrees. "I look at the root color of my talent's hair." This advice may seem fairly obvious. For instance, a completely black brow pomade might be too much for someone with light skin and hair. Or a light-colored powder may not show up at all if your skin tone is dark. However, it requires a little more effort than choosing a brown eyebrow product matching your hair color. Medhin says it helps her decide how light, dark, cool, or warm their eyebrow makeup should be by carefully considering the depth and undertone of a client's skin and hair (more on that in a second).

According to Sicilia, you can also figure out how light or dark your eyebrow color should be by looking at the texture of your hair. She says this allows me to determine how strong or gentle I am. For instance, people with naturally dark and dense hair will look better with brows that are also dark and dense. On the other hand, people with lighter or finer hair might think a "rich, dense" brow in a lighter shade looks m. Even Sicilia’s overall facial structure can influence his brow color. She adds, "I also look at the forehead space. If the forehead is smaller, I tend to make a softer fill.  The brow should be "enhanced but not overwhelmed," in her words. If you're hesitant to be too daring, paying attention to your skin tone, hair color, and density can help you stay away from that. 

Choose Tones That Are A Little Bit Paler Than Your Natural Brow Hair Color

Now that you are confident in your skin tone and hair color, you are prepared to purchase some eyebrow tinting near me. What's next? It's time to decide whether your preferred brow product should be light or dark. Tommy will almost always choose a color that is one shade lighter than a client's hair after determining the color of their root hair.

He states, "the ideal color will mimic the shadow that is already there and created by eyebrow hair." Again, the objective is to mimic the color of the shadow-cast skin that lies between each of your brow hairs, not to find brow makeup that precisely matches the brow hair. Following that guideline, according to Sicilia, can aid in "camouflaging" brow makeup into your hair.

She explains, "If the brow shade is too blonde or dark and you're looking to fill in gaps, you'll notice your brows will appear to have pigment on them, but they don't look like any filler — or they just look drawn on." "Brow color should increase density or depth without changing the tone of the brows."

It may seem counterintuitive to not match your brow makeup to your brow hair, but consider this: the contrast between darker brown hair and lighter brow makeup gives the appearance of fuller brows. This illusion is destroyed, and brows can appear flat or blocky when filled in with a color that matches (or darker than) your brow hair. Therefore, it might be time to upgrade to lighter makeup shades if you look in the mirror and can quickly identify your own brow makeup. 

When In Doubt, Choose Cool Or Neutral Colors Rather Than Warm Ones

Your skin depth becomes important at this point. The more fair the skin, the less warm the brow pencil should be, according to the general rule. A person's skin undertone can also be used to determine how much warmth or coolness will complement their brows.  "The eyebrow pencil might need a touch of warmth if someone has more yellow in their skin tone. Otherwise, it might read ashy or gray or artificial."